Our church has been incorporated as Westside King’s Church Society under the provision of the Societies Act of Alberta. The Society is a registered charity within the meaning of the Income Tax Act (Canada) and is exempt from paying income taxes. 

The leadership of Westside takes its responsibility for sound financial stewardship very seriously. As such, a tremendous amount of work goes on behind the scenes in managing and overseeing Westside’s finances, from our dedicated in-house staff, to our finance committee, to our accountant and auditor.  

Financial updates are sent to the Board of Trustees every month and form part of their regular meetings. Full annual financial statements, along with quarterly updates, are available from our office.
Please contact us at (403) 777-0800 or


Giving to WKC

The ongoing ministry of Westside is dependent on the regular financial giving by the people of Westside. We have no other way to fund what we do except that you give. While we provide an open opportunity for giving every Sunday, most of our support comes through systematic giving using monthly pre-authorized debit or credit card payments.

In addition, you can donate by debit or credit through the two payment terminals located at the Connection Counter, at the back of our main worship space.  You can also use the PayPal button above where Visa, MasterCard or bank transfers are available.  As well, donations are always accepted at the office during regular office hours. We encourage you to take advantage of these various giving options.

Individuals or corporations may qualify for favourable tax treatment by directly donating eligible investment securities (e.g., stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc).