How to Talk about Elephants 2018 [1.2]: Should We even Talk about Sin? - A Panel of Pastors

Last year we signaled our intent to begin talking about some of the vital and defining issues for our time.  But in order to do this well, we keep insisting that we first learn how to talk to each other.  Our dialogue must not break with our first and primary task: to be the one people of God.

So here we go with “Elephants round 2”.  Our rules remain the same: to speak with clarity as the Scriptures enable us, to go slow where we need to go slow, to listen to each other carefully, and to be clear about what we are saying and what we are not saying.  Our hope is to be friends even when we disagree.

series text: Romans 1:18 — 2:21.

TeachPlus Reflection Notes: How to Talk about Elephants

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