So Help Me God [2]: Law and Gospel (Sola Scriptura) - David Harvey

On October 31, 1517 – 500 years ago this month – the priest and scholar, Martin Luther nailed a 95-point thesis to a church door in Wittenberg, Germany. Its aim? To call the church to be more biblical and gospel-centered. This act began a Christ-centred reformation of the Church that was so widespread its impact is still felt today in churches, theology, philosophy, and even politics.

This story evidences, as David Zahl puts it, "... how the Bible doesn't just sit there; it reaches out and grasps us, shakes us, transforms us, frees us – it kills us and makes us alive." In this eries, we want to reclaim an essential part of our Christian identity: that if we trust scripture it not only changes our lives, but also the world.

series text: Romans 3:21-31. You might also like to seach online to find out the link between the series title and Marin Luther.