42 [2]

Moments come and go easily in our lives.

We often assume that the big ones, the significant ones, the life-changing ones will be easy to spot. But is it really like that? Isn't it sometimes the brief, quick, almost 'throwaway' moments that actually shape so much of who we are?

In the Gospels the average time Jesus spent in conversation with people was 42 seconds. Just think about that for a moment. An encounter with the life-changing presence that was Jesus...in less than a minute. For so many people, their lived experience was entirely altered, all in less than the time it takes to make an espresso.

In this series we consider the conversations of Jesus. Brief moments that changed people's lives. What if our 'moments' could be the same?

Part 1: October 14 - 28
Part 2: November 11-25