Ghosts [3:3]: Uncliched Hope - David Harvey

“Job says boldly what some of us are too timid to say. He makes poetry out of what in many of us is only a tangle of confused whimpers. He shouts out to God what a lot of us mutter behind our sleeves (Peterson)”
Eugene H. Peterson
Introduction to Job

One of the oldest books in the Bible is about a man named Job. A tempest, of sorts, crashed in on Job and left him without the will to live. Suffering can do that. It can haunt us to the point of despair. We try to make sense of it, the voices surrounding us try the same, but often the anxiety, overwhelm, depression, or fear remain. Our minds, much like our bodies, can be broken. But what if there was hope in the tempest? Something not beyond but in the midst of the storm?

Ghosts 2019: January 13 - 27
The Seminar: January 30