Until Christmas

Until Christmas

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December 17
  [1] Three Words about Jesus
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December 31
  [2] Simeon and Anna

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January 7
  [3] The Magi

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Series Intro:

For to us a child is born... Isaiah 9:6 –7

Christmas is often about waiting, just ask anyone under 10. Lots of waiting, anticipating, hoping, dreaming, and wishing. And then, suddenly, it’s here. And instantly everything’s di erent. Hopes become facts. Dreams become realities. Wishes become truths. Or do they?

However, what might be true of presents and gifts is actually deeply rooted into the story of Christmas. Before Jesus, life was relentless waiting and anticipating. What is God doing? How is the story going to work out? Will we be rescued? Year after year negative answers were o ered to all of these questions and more. Year after year...

Until Christmas.

And so, year after year, we keep telling this story. The story of how and when the world began to realize that God was doing something bigger than we ever could have imagined.

Series text: Read, re-read, and read once more the Christmas stories as they are told in Matthew 1–2 and Luke 1–2.