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Retrofuture | September 8-29,2019

Retrofuturism (n.) /ˌrɛtrəʊˈfjuːtʃərɪz(ə)m/ An arts movement considering the influence of how the past imagined what the future would be.

Every generation imagines what the future will look like.  Some of those things come true, some don’t.  You’ll have noticed we don’t yet have flying cars (so Back to the Future was wrong), but we do have cell phones (so StarTrek underestimated us)! The same is true for us as a church.  We grow in the dreams and imagination of people that planted WKC 25 years ago.  Things have changed since then, for our church and our city.  New things have come, old things have gone, somethings have come and gone.  But we’re still here as a community committed to exploring the surprising grace of Jesus.  And despite all the change.  Our church, and our city, still really need grace.  So for us in this series the question is, how do we navigate the future while being honest to our past?

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For each series we want to offer a couple of optional resources that you might want to read and explore to deepen your understanding of the subjects covered in this series. Some of the reading will overlap with other series throughout the year and our house church program.

Gospel in Life - Tim Keller

Scattered Servants - Alan Scott

The New Copernicans - David John Seel jr.