The State of the Church

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The State of the Church | November 17 - 24, 2019

Belief is change in our secular age. There are still believers who believe the same things as their forebears 1,500 years ago; but how we believe has changed. Thus faith communities need to ask: How does this change in the “conditions” of belief impact the way we proclaim and teach the faith? How does this impact faith formation? How should this change the propagation of the faith for the next generation

- James K.A. Smith

We return to think again about the church, and the church we might become. Language of vision and mission can often sound pretentious and over-confident. We don’t want to be like that. But we do want to ask an important question. What would we like things to be like in 100 years? What type of world, city, church will our grand children grow old in?

To think about there, we need to think first about here. It’s our belief that when we all come together with our individual callings the effect multiplies. How might we all serve together and be excited about what God might do through us.

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For each series we want to offer a few optional resources that you might want to read and explore to deepen your understanding of the subjects covered in this series. Some of the reading will overlap with other series throughout the year and our house church program.

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