2:52 - Session 4

2:52 - Session 4

This WKC House Church teaching series is taught by Dr John Andrews. John recorded this series for us and it is based upon his book 2:52 Learning To Grow On Purpose: Lessons from Jesus' Hidden Years. You don’t need to own the book to follow the House Church series, but it is a great book, so if you are interested, you can buy it here in print or kindle format

Every follower of Jesus and any person who seriously desires to take up the mantle of leading others must also learn to lead themselves. Even though Jesus was God in flesh, He intentionally grew intellectually, physically, spiritually and relationally. If Jesus grew, so should we. Contained with 2:52 lies the blueprint of learning to grow on purpose.

“Twice in the early pre-ministry years of Jesus, Luke tells us, He grew. In 2:40 the implication is of Jesus’ growth during the tender years of His childhood, and here in 2:52 Luke implies that from 12 years old onwards this becomes the code by which Jesus lived. If Jesus grew, I want to know how He grew, why He grew and in what areas He grew. If He grew, then how much more should I, as one who aspires both to follow Him and to lead others, take my life-growth seriously?”

From 2:52 - Learning to Grow on Purpose page 13

In this fourth session John considers how we can develop in FAVOUR with God. Join in with your group as John discusses three vital areas that will develop our spiritual maturity. After watching, download the discussion guide so that you can facilitate a conversation around this subject.

About Dr John Andrews

John is an author, speaker and teacher with a passion to equip and inspire leaders, as well as empowering followers of Jesus into effective lifestyle and service. He is the author of several books. John visited Westside King’s Church for our 2019 Navigating the Future weekend. Click below to watch the sessions from that weekend.