A Better World


Series starts April 21, 2013 Doing well? Or doing good? Perhaps it’s time to consider the distinction.

better_1024Most of us feel pretty happy about life when we are doing well. But is this the only way, or even best way, to evaluate the meaning of our work? What about the effect of what we do on the whole? What can we say we contribute to the good of others? What might be the relationship between doing well and doing good?

In this series, we want to take a serious look at the vision of Sinai, a moment when God’s original creation mandate to do good while doing well was recaptured. We want to see specifically how our work is meant to contribute towards the total frame of human prospering.

In the words of Walter Brueggemann, the vision of Sinai was “a vision of the world as a peaceable neighborliness”. It was a vision that echoed throughout Scripture, and vividly recaptured in Jesus.

We want to be honest about this: are we doing good while we are doing well?