A Walk on the Wise Side


Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways.Proverbs 4:26

Its a common place of Biblical wisdom to speak about the two ways. There is, say our Scriptures, a way that leads to life's flourishing. Incrust, there is also a way that leads to the big dead-end. In the words of the above proverb, we are to give careful thought to the way we choose.

Its not just knowledge that we need here. We are in need of humility as much as information. Often it happens that human pride undoes what we could and should know. Only humility, seen as accepting and applying the counsel of others further along the path, can help us here.

In this series we want to draw out the contrasts between wise and foolish living. We want to mark well the good paths, and put some warning signs on the follies that have revealed themselves through time and human experience. The interesting thing about Biblical wisdom is how seriously it takes human experience. Wisdom has gained its authoritative voice by paying long attention to history's lessons.

Can we learn from the past? If we do, we will be wiser for it.

Series runs July 3 - 24