Advent 2011


The Christmas story tells us how God began a new chapter for humanity. Through the birth of Jesus, God took the lead on making a new world, a new humanity. Christmas is God’s idea, the surprise in the human story no one saw coming.

But if we read a little deeper, we see that the Christmas story is not only about what God does; it is also about how we respond to the grace that appears before us. The Christmas story shows the astound- ing implications of saying “yes” to God’s pursuing love. Mary is the primary example here, but she is not alone. There are a host of char- acters, each responding from where they are in the story, each getting in sync, each modeling response-ability.

Advent means “coming or arrival”, especially of something or some- one important. How should we prepare? How should we respond?

9:29 and 11:11 am


Dec 24: Christmas Eve Services at 3:00, 4:30 and 6:00pm

Dec 25: No service

Jan 1: One Service 10:10am

Jan 8: Epiphany Service