Adventure of Mission


As we begin to make the practical decisions and commitments that will shape our future, we are depending on your particiapation.  We simply cannot do all we need to do unless we do it together.  

What is at stake is what has always been at stake: our significance, our legacy, our imprint in the world.  Genesis 1 and 2 remind us of God's original and enduring mandate to enter the wild unformed-ness of creation, consider the wide-open possibilities, and work to bring change.  As images of God, we are meant to bring order and beauty out of life, to work for the full potentiality of all we have been given.


In this series we want to talk pragmatically, but also visionally.  We weren't made for the "safe and settled".  Each of us has been called to a mission of deepest significance, to make the most of the time, the talent, and the treasure each of us have been given.


We believe that when individual passions and callings come together, the effect multiplies.  As we stand on the edge of a new chapter in our Westside story, we invite you to share our excitement of what can be, and how we can do this together.