Adventures in the Deep End 2012

This is now the third year we have begun our fall season by talking about three essential values: connection, growth, and service. But you won’t often hear us refer to these things in the passive voice, as mere ideas. Instead, we see our community strategy as a three- fold active pursuit: we connect, we grow, we serve. Saying them this way -- in the active voice -- reminds us of what we are committed to live and do.Perhaps we are ready for a subtle shift this year: we connect while we grow; we connect while we serve. In other words, Christian community is not simply social space or a friend-making arrangement. It is more than that, but not less than that. Christian community is the joint pursuit of growing in grace, and serving in love. And while we pursue these things, we find ourselves being taken up into a rich fabric of relational life. Once again, we invite you to personally reflect on this Jesus-way of living. This is the “much more” life he promised, the life he actively lived and pursued. We call it connect-grow- serve.

Sept 9: Connect Sept 16: Grow Sept 23: Serve