Bad Religion



People often idealize first-century Christianity. To be sure, the first generation of Christian experience was dynamic, with vibrant local expressions of the Jesus-life dotted all around the Mediterranean. But the vitality wasn’t uniform, and the examples of faith weren’t all pristine.


Corinth is our case in point. The Christian community at Corinth was a rather wooly and chaotic bunch, recipients of profound grace of course, but subject at times to bad thinking and bad behavior. The letters Paul wrote to Corinth were highly corrective, reinforcing the truth that Christian life requires loving adjustment as well as loving encouragement. In this series we want to be open to loving adjustment. We want to consider the values and ways that require continual course-correction.


We would especially like to take on something we call “belief-ism”, the idea that Christian faith is merely a checklist of ideas. While there are certainly powerful and essential truths at the heart of the Christian faith, it is false to say that Christian faith is mere belief. Christian faith builds on belief but becomes, much more profoundly, a way to live, a way we see the world, a way to be in the world.


In short, faith is also a way and a life. That’s good religion.

Series starts September 29, 2013