Blog: How Rich am I?


As we started talking about Jesus in our Rabbi series this week, we discussed the discussion with the Rich Young Ruler in Luke 18 (click to read). In a fascinating interaction between this man and Jesus, the man is challenged to think about the one thing that is preventing him from following Jesus. Each of us will have a different 'one thing', but the question from Jesus is still the same - are you willing to follow? However, the specifics of the story also speak to those of us in the western world. Whilst we often feel that we are not 'rich', when we widen our horizon to consider the rest of the world many of us are in a much better position than we realise.  Obviously there are economic complexities that don't make the comparison always direct, but no matter how you slice the pie, our lives in the Western world are ones of great privilege.  If you are interested in some of the statistics that we referenced in the teaching, check out the site