Christmas 2010


We started this year by jumping into the idea of Pure Religion; exploring faith at it’s highest ideals. Then we took that down into the smallest point of application possible; one life lived before God, as we explored the story of Jonah. As we move into the Christmas season we want to explore how God himself stepped into history as the fullest expression of both ideas. The story of Christmas is not just the story of a baby in a manger. It’s our launching point into the story of Jesus’ life; the fullest expression of faith and humanity. Over the next few weeks we want to explore the Christmas narrative from the perspective of Mark. A writer who chooses to skip right past the birth narrative and jump directly into Jesus ministry. Perhaps there’s a helpful corrective here that pushes back against our tendency to segregate the baby Jesus from man he would become. Christmas Eve celebrations at 3:00, 4:30 and 6:00pm

Boxing Day celebration at 10:10am