Days of Prayer 2011

At Westside King’s Church we have made it an annual tradition to begin each new year with days of prayer. This has now become part of our annual rhythm, one of the ways we stay committed to a vibrant, clear and focused Christian life. We know that Christian life must be lived out in active engagement, but we also know that active engagement requires deeper piety. Over and over we learn the deepest reality of Christian spirituality: that movement is empowered by stillness, that impact is made possible by quiet reflection. Our January prayer days remind us of the power of sacred time and sacred space. We learn that periodic separation from ordinary work and obligation makes realignment possible, the kind of realignment we need but don’t often realize. So this is what these days are for – to do the simplest, yet hardest thing – to make space and time to listen to what God says, and answer back from our truest selves. By committing ourselves to the practice of giving up work time for prayer, and making space for reflection and stillness, we find that we are freed from the petty tyrannies that control us. We move into a more wide-open country, becoming partners with God in the life he has in mind for us.

Every year we construct a prayer walk to help focus our thoughts and prayers. Our prayer walk this year is themed after our current teaching series and consists of seven stations. As we have been talking through January about what a common Christian faith looks like, we now want to pray out of the strength of that faith – the faith that is bigger than you are, the faith that is bigger and older than Westside King’s Church, this faith that is bigger and older and more enduring than this cultural moment.

We believe this is vital. Instead of praying out of the scattered fragments of whatever we think and feel at the moment, we want to shape our prayers from the large building blocks of this incredibly rich and strong and enduring faith. We want to pray with more confidence, more assurance.

I hope you are able to be part of these days of prayer. The West hall is open from 9 am to 9 pm, today and tomorrow, January 25 and 26. Everything is ready for you -- come and pray.

Bob Osborne