Escaping Neverland


We begin this fall with a series of conversations about the real and the illusory.  We want to make a break with surface living, this plastic and image-addicted world we live in, and set ourselves in search of that which is genuine and enduring. We are looking for the most solid ground on which to stand. Reality is more wonderful than our culture gives credit for.  But reality has to be penetrated to be appreciated.  We connect with reality through a discerning eye, showing us a better life, a better satisfaction, and a better hope.  We realize just how precious the real is, and how necessary for us to escape escapism.

In this series we will take a look at real life, real people, and real hope.  We will focus on the wonder of what God is doing in us and for us.  Instead of trying to escape life, we are calling our community to plunge into the glorious mystery we find ourselves in.

Neverland is the world of Peter Pan, his fantasy.  It's not a real place, of course.  And anyway, the real story is far better than the fantasy.

Series Begins September 13th.