Esther and the Deadly Dilemma

Everyone loves a good story. And the story of Esther, queen of Persia, is as good a story you will find. It is also one of the more surprising parts of Scripture: would you believe there is a Bible story where God is everywhere at work but nowhere named? That’s the story of Esther.

Over the past few years, we have seen how story can embed very meaningful ideas. Here are a few of the ideas we will explore in this series:

providence -- despite appearances which can suggest otherwise, God is deeply embedded in the stories we are part of culture and context -- we are given a time and place in which to shine evil -- there is always a force that threatens crisis -- a moment comes when courageous and just decisions must be made character -- the honors and gifts that God gives are for the benefit of others hopeful reversal -- in the face of real danger, there is always the hope of gracious and good outcomes (this is a resurrection story)

Esther is a story about God without a lot of God-talk. That might be a lesson in itself.