Flight Plan

In this series we want to focus on stories of real personal life change. We are thinking specifically of what it means to encounter God's good news in Jesus and feel radically shifted by it. Taking our cues from the diversity of persons and events that emerge from Pauls first visit to the city of Philippi in Acts 16, we want to build a bridge to our own present community. We hope to highlight the stories of change that have and are taking place all around us. We think we will see how stories of change are both unique and similar. There are a thousand unique paths into God's life, but ultimately one door. And, with all of the difference in how we come to change, it is finally Jesus who changes us.

What does it mean for any of us to enter into the newness of life so profoundly promised in the gospel? Our scriptures will show us the path, but it will be our own community that will inspire us.

Series runs April 3rd-17th 2016.