Here be Dragons

An exciting year lies ahead of us. With confidence in our future together, we are charting a good course to get where we want to go. Still, we have to admit there are times we are tempted to write "here be dragons" on those parts of the map we are less clear about. For the ancients, what was unknown was often considered dangerous. But perhaps the opposite can also be true. There are dangers in the safe and cliche. The dragon may not always lurk in the new, but in the overly familiar.

In this series we want to re-examine the ground we already know. As we take bold new steps towards our future, we want to also revisit grace, journey, and relevance, these values that define the essence of the Westside way. We want to consider a grace that is both free and costly, a relevance that surprises us, and a commitment to stay on this journey for the entirety of our lives.

We want to bring our maps up to date.