Hitchhiker's Guide

Summer is here! And that means its time for another Hitchhiker series. Last summer we set out on a fast-paced 10 week blitz through the entire Biblical story (that series is still available online: click here). Looking back on last summer, while we immensely enjoyed ourselves and want to do it again, we also felt that large and defining moments in the Biblical story shot by us without much time to notice them.

So this summer we want to slow down a bit. We want to engage the first parts of the Biblical story, beginning with Abraham and the characters of Genesis. We want to be a bit more leisurely about this, notice the scenery a little, and make our way towards Moses and the Exodus.

There is so much in this first part of the story that is important to our faith. We hope that you will be able to join us on Sundays, but remember to catch what you miss through our podcasts.

Genesis Cycle July 4: Abraham (Jeremy) July 11: Isaac (Jeremy) July 18: Jacob (Bob) July 28: Joseph (Bob) Aug 1: All Made Well (Chris)

Exodus Cycle Aug 8: Absence (Chris) Aug 15: Encounter (Bob) Aug 22: Promise (Chris) Aug 29: Formation (Jeremy) Sept 5: Exodus (Bobby