Holy Week 2014



This is the hinge-point of Christian faith. This is the moment we stop and watch, realizing that what we witness is for our life and hope and future.

Every year we realize that we need to tell and hear the story once more. Every year we find ourselves surprised by it, overwhelmed, and yet comforted in a way that’s hard to explain. Every year we are drawn back to humble worship, and the pledge of renewed commitment.

We invite you to take time to embrace the story:

Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday, April 13. We celebrate that day with baptisms, reminding ourselves that to follow Jesus is to be immersed in his dying and rising life.

On Tuesday and Wednesday (April 15-16, Westhall, 9 am to 9 pm), we invite you to experience the Stations of the Cross, our annual rehearsal of the last hours of Jesus’ life. A specially prepared booklet will guide you through the stations.

Special Good Friday and Easter Sunday services conclude the week (April 18 and April 20).

Don’t miss these moments.