How Gently He Comes

This afternoon I wrote a meditation-poem on the Prince of Peace, the shepherds, and the experience of a quieting winter snow.  I hope it speaks peace into what amounts to a hectic season for so many of us. How Gently He Comes

In times past, when all names meant something, His parents obediently named him Jesus, Joshua in the Hebrew language: “God saves”.

But he had many names, For there were many things to say About who he was, and why He came.

Centuries before his arrival, Isaiah called him Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Prince of Peace -- on long and idle days in the fields, The shepherds would sometimes muse on the dream of better times. How should one imagine this promised King’s arrival?

And then he did come -- gloriously -- with angel armies in triumphant song. But there was also something else: an unmistakable quiet, an awe-filled gentleness. The shepherds carried it in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

In the days and months which followed, When the fields were quiet again, they were quiet in a different way. The song of “peace on earth” had entered their hearts.

We sometimes fear the quiet because it feels lonely and absent; But have you ever known quietness as presence, quietness as fullness? Yes you have, if only for a moment of winter wonder.

Its the quiet you feel on the night of a fresh snow fall. Its the quiet that wraps you in mysterious and unexplainable tranquility. Its the quiet that muffles the noise of the world with an almost tangible gentleness.

On the night when the Prince of Peace was born In a little town, outside of Jerusalem, and far from Rome, Something entirely new was born with him: a quiet presence, a quietness full of God.

There is no mistaking that this was the birth of the King. There is no mistaking that God’s salvation has come in Jesus. There is no mistaking that God is now with us in the person of His Son.

But what surprises us, and settles us, and calms our fears, Like the shepherds discovered as they entered His presence with awe-struck wonder, Is how gently He comes.

[Bob Osborne]