How to be Happy


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Starts Jan 12

It is right there in those founding documents: “the pursuit of happiness”. How are you doing at this?

What should fascinate us is not the presence of those words, but the loss of their original meaning. In the two hundred plus years since those words first appeared, the meaning of happiness itself has changed. Or perhaps we could say the meaning of happiness has been lost. For most of us, happiness has been trivialized. Happiness is circumstantial and material. Happiness depends on what we have, what we do -- what happens to us.

We need to relearn what the ancients knew, that happiness is indeed our central human pursuit, but not in the way we currently understand it. Happiness is the pursuit of goodness. Happiness is a deep sense of well-being, the by-product of living well, of putting first things first and keeping second things in their place. Happiness is the life of virtue and character, the life of wisdom, the life of right relationship to God, others, and self.

It matters that we don’t accept trivial answers to this question. It matters that we get back to the pursuit of the original vision. If we understand what happiness truly is, we can rest assured that it is ours for the having.

Grow Seminar: The Happiness Symposium: How Do You See It?

Sat, Feb 1

Take part in one of the most fascinating moments of the year, a truly meaningful conversation about what makes for human happiness. Listen and ponder; find yourself in the middle of a variety of perspectives. Reflect on what it is we are all in search of. Continental breakfast at 8:45, presentations and conversations from 9 to 11:30 am. Register at grow-seminars. $20