iCulture/redefine one


Who are you?  And what are you made to be?  While it is a noble thing to search for your truest self, the irony comes when our search is fundamentally mis-directed, when we think we can find ourself apart from the grace of God and the company of others. 
This spring we are exploring the richest expression of life: the life we find with Jesus in the company of others. We want to learn to live into the promise of a communally-focused, Jesus-based life. Over these next six weeks we want to begin two things at once: push away from the ways of our self-centered iCulture (a series based on Philippians) and explore the ways of Christian community: redefineOne (a series based on James).

April 11th – iCulture – Chris April 18th - iCulture – Bob April 25th – redefine one - Chris May 2 - iCulture - Chris May 9 - iCulture - Chris May 16 - redefine one - Chris May 23 - iCulture - Jeremy May 30 - redefine one - Chris June 6 - redefine one - Bob