Invisible: Ruth and the guiding hand


This is our final teaching series for the 2015-2016 ministry season! Series runs August 4 - August 28 Its easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer large-ness of the Biblical story. After all, our Scripture contains a picture of the human journey from creation to ultimate resolution, as well as the inter-locking stories of Israel and the church. The Bible is nothing if not big.

But in all of this comprehensive bigness, the Bible remains in touch with the small, local, and personal. And that is deeply comforting because while God is doing his big thing - crafting the story of history - he is also present to the details of ordinary human life. in fact, it is precisely out of the building blocks of the ordinary and everyday that God builds his big story.

And so we present the story of Ruth, an otherwise small figure who gets taken up into the grand narrative of faith. It is our hope you will be touched by the beauty of redeeming love while you are introduced to the faith-grounding theme of providence. Providence is grace in the details, the uncanny way God works through circumstance, enters through relationship, and carves out a meaning that outlives us. Providence is God's guiding hand.

The big message? Don't give up: God is always working for your good.