Is God Angry?


If there is one thing that opponents of a Biblical view of God like to throw at the church, it is their claim that the God of the Bible is an angry, petty deity, unworthy of the cultured and enlightened society we now strive to be. One of the most vocal current opponents of Christian faith, Richard Dawkins, says that God is “the most unpleas- ant character in all fiction”. While their anger at God is ironic perhaps, it does remind us of some- thing: that anger is the unavoidable side of believing in something, loving something, or standing for something true and good. Perhaps there is a right and wrong way to be angry, and right and wrong things to be angry about.

Of course, it would be easy for us to say that God only appears angry, and that God’s “angry face” is merely a reflection of our own faces. While that may be a partial answer, the deeper questions remain: Does God get angry? What makes him angry? Does his anger negate his love, or express it? Just how should we see God?

These are not just questions for objectors to faith but for believers as well. The series promises to be an interesting mix of questions, feelings, and deeper meanings.