Jesus and Meals

September 24, 2009


We continue in our fall launch series, Begin Again.  We are taking some time to think through how to restart our Christian faith and how to do that in company with others.  We just thought that the nature of this season lent to such a possibility.


Our focus last Sunday was on the idea of rethinking and restarting our ideas about community.  While there are things that are commonly understood to be inherent to Christian practice (things like Scripture reading, worship and prayer, service and giving), maybe we should add to that list eating together.  I’m serious.


Here is an interesting study: Jesus and meals.  Do a quick search through the gospels and track how many times Jesus is sitting and eating with people.  In Luke’s gospel for instance, there are 10 recorded meals.  Theologian Markus Barth said that “In approximately one-fifth of the sentences in Luke’s Gospel and in Acts, meals play a conspicuous role.”  Eating together was simply the most practical way Jesus shared life with people.


I suppose that it is quite possible to be a Buddhist by yourself.  But to be an independent follow Jesus is not only oxymoronic, it is just plain moronic.  Few (do any?) grow into a meaningful and vibrant Christian life by keeping to themselves.  The truth is that when we come to Jesus we find him at table with a whole community of people, diverse and broad.  Part of the experience of getting to know Jesus, then, is getting to know what he means to others and how he becomes reflected in the lives of his friends.


Take a look at our website ( and look for community / dinner party network.  Maybe you could gather a few friends together while also making space for someone new.  Who knows how such a simple thing as sharing a meal together, especially when Jesus is the unseen host, can change the way we live and feel and dream and become.  Who knows what conversations may in fact become moments of destiny?


Those are my thoughts,


Bob Osborne


See you this Sunday at our 9:29 or 11:11 celebrations.  Come early for some good coffee at our new coffee bar.