Jonah: On Being Human


It is not an easy thing to see ourselves as we truly are. But stories can help. When we listen carefully to a story that is authentic to our human reality, we come to know ourselves better.

In this series, we are taking the story of Jonah as a representative model of our humanity. Despite its rather fantastical qualities, the story of Jonah is a real human story, a story of human failure and divine grace, of the interplay between duty observed and plain disobedience, and of the internal conflict between authentic honesty and dishonest selfishness. Its all here, all of the meaning and mess of life as we know it.

The thing that makes Jonah’ story most helpful to us is how everything is placed before God. Really, this is the thing most true about our humanity, the thing we most need to educate our imaginations about: there is no other kind of human life except that which is lived before God.

The story of Jonah is not a children’s tale. It is a very grown- up tale which ends with a serious question: what kind of person will you be?

Starting October 17