Parables of the Kingdom: How Will It End?


Starting February 6th, 2011

One of the unique qualities of our humanity is our ability to think in sequence, to understand meaning through the lens of past, present and future. Simply put, we live in a storied world. And the question for every story is this: how will it end?

Jesus taught from these three aspects of reality: there is a past from which we live, an explanation for the way things are; there is a way we ought to live in the present, responsibilities defined by the story we are part of; and there is a future to live toward, a hope that motivates and comforts us.

The Christian gospel doesn’t hold together without a strong sense of the future. Jesus talked a lot about the future, more than we often realize. Our question in this series is simply this: what does Jesus have to say about the future in and through his parables?