Reflection for Aug 2nd

We continue our summer teaching series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Bible: The Whole Story in Ten Weeks. Over these past four weeks we have considered the themes of creation, promise, covenant and law. If you haven’t heard what has been said to this point, it would be worth your while picking up on past podcasts. You can do that by visiting / community / sermon archives. Perhaps this series will be one you would like to keep in your archives.

This weekend we will take a look at the story of David, one of the most important figures in the Biblical story. We will try to show how two prominent Biblical themes intersect in his life, the first “being chosen”, and the second “being conflicted”.

So far, in the Biblical story, we have seen how this theme of God’s choosing has resonated in the lives of Abraham and Jacob, Moses and Samuel. It is a very consistent theme. But what does it mean to be “chosen” and how should we think about that idea? Does being chosen free us from suffering and pain? Does it mean that God’s gift of gracious love absents us from struggle? Does it mean that we are immunized from ourselves and our own human weaknesses? How might the David story reveal the meaning of being “chosen” of God?

What we will see in the course of David’s story is that the grace of God that finds David for purpose and destiny (although he is the forgotten youngest of his brothers), is the same grace that graciously guides him through life (his external conflicts) and reveals those parts of him that need change (his internal conflicts). We will see that being chosen and being conflicted take place within the same life experience. To be chosen means that we are selected by grace and for grace, and this means that all of our conflicts -- both external and internal -- are placed under the watch of compassionate grace. The story of David shows us how this works.

Perhaps my favorite resource to study his life is Eugene Peterson’s masterful exposition on the life of David entitled Leap Over a Wall: Earthy Spirituality for Everyday Christians. You couldn’t go wrong in tracking down a copy and living inside this “chosen and conflicted” life for a while.

See you this Sunday and 9:29 or 11:11. If you are enjoying the summer weather or traveling somewhere, I hope that you are able to continue this Biblical journey with us by accessing the podcast. Have a great weekend.