Sex & Money


Beginning January 15th. A quick and honest test: what occupies your mind the most? Before you give the safe or polite answer, think a little harder. It’s rather obvious, don’t you think?

This series will address our human fascination with sex and money. While some topics (like prayer and mission) appear to be more “spiri- tual”, the topics of sex and money can appear to some to be almost crass, mundane, too earthy for discussion in a place of worship. But we think the opposite: we think that these topics are central to who we are and where we live. And we know that God has something to say to us in these matters.

Instead of leaving these aspects of our lives “in the closet”, we want to bring out all we are into the light of God’s transforming and healing grace. We want to think Biblically about sex and money.

Jan 15: Jan 22: Jan 29: Feb 5: