Most of us live in the suburbs.  Most of us think of suburbia as a place.  But suburbia is also a way of life, and a state of mind.

This series takes inspiration from the words of Jeremiah as he contemplated life in Babylon.  Recognizing the challenge of his situated life, he also realized he could remake its meaning; and so he counselled his compatriots to build and plant, to have children and pray (Jeremiah 29).  There was, in other words, a life to be made, a mission to be realized, right where they were.

This series is about the places we live in and the lives we are called to lead in those places.  Before we break for the summer, we want to recapture some of the issues we talked about earlier in the year: the idea of “dragons”, our call to adventure, and our need to find our mission.

Perhaps we will wake up to new possibilities we hadn’t previously seen.  Perhaps we will redefine the meaning of where we are now.