The Forgotten God


Forgotten_God_1024This is a series about the Holy Spirit. Someone called the Holy Spirit the “shy” God, the one who would rather not draw attention to himself, who continually focuses our attention on the beauty and worth of the Father and the Son.

For most of us, the Holy Spirit is the most unknown aspect of God’s triune being. It is much easier for us to imagine Jesus, and much more natural for us to conceptualize God. But who is the Spirit? Like some mysterious covert agent, we have heard of him, but his whereabouts seem unknown. We are intrigued.

Our creed says this:

We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, Who with the Father and Son is worshipped as One God. By him we cry Abba Father, participating in the life of the Son. He is the breath of our prayer, the sustainer of our faith, the giver of love, joy and peace. He is God’s gift of himself, the pledge of future glory.

We believe these things, but we want to move beyond our words. While fully accepting the mystery of the Spirit, we want to learn to nurture and nourish the life of Jesus in us, to remake our spirituality into Holy Spirituality.

Starts May 25, 2014