The Hitchhiker's Guide to Peter


It's now our annual tradition: take a significant portion of Scripture and go on a Biblical road trip.  For the summer of 2014 we are hitchhiking through the story of Jesus and the early church in the company of one of our Biblical favourites, the flawed but greatly loved Peter. HHG_Peter_1024We will follow Peter's story from his beginnings as a fisherman, through his years at Jesus' side, often saying what no one else would say but everyone thought.  We will see Peter at his failed and despairing worst, but also witness how restoration can actually take place in a life.  We will see Peter rise as a leader in the fledgling Christian community, boldly speaking and acting in ways few would have previously predicted.

Through it all we will watch the story of a long transformation, the progress of character and thought and purpose that mark those who follow Jesus.  Finally, we will consider the nature of Peter's writing, the gospel he inspired, and his final letters.

Hitchhiking for a summer with Peter will teach us, once more, that the stories of God pull us forward into life.  Happy travels.