The Seven Signs and the Long Road to Easter


Jesus endlessly fascinates, and rightly so. There is not a single mo- ment, word or action in his life that is not pregnant with something more. Everything he says is “grace and truth”, everything he does is “boundless love”. There is a qualitative difference about Jesus that is unmistakable. Nothing in him echoes our frenetic and worried pace. With Jesus nothing hurries, nothing diminishes, nothing wastes, nothing stalls. He is life itself.

John, the beloved disciple, puts it simply: “In him was life, and that life was the light of all people” (John 1:4, TNIV). As John comes to write about Jesus, he knows he is touching the infinite. He charmingly says that the world is too small to record what could be said (John 21:25).

So... what to do? John chooses seven representative moments, seven real and tangibly physical signs of how the eternal life comes into our material world. Everything is concretely real and experience-able: wa- ter and wine, hunger and bread, blindness and sight, being dead and being alive. We learn that the life of Jesus is not removed from where we live, but deeply present, if we can see him.

As we now begin our move towards Easter, we follow seven reveal- ing moments in the life of Jesus. In the real physicality of our human experience, John will show us who Jesus is: God’s presence and his very self.

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