Tick Tock

"For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven."-Ecclesiastes 3:1

We experience the journey of the year through the seasons. Winter, spring, summer, and fall - each blends into the next, connecting and echoing what has come before. The seasons tell us that while we live one life, this life we live is not one thing. It is a varied experience, a series of passages and possibilities, choices, and challenges, all different, all with distinct meanings. Time is something we move through. Which is life's biggest lesson: the clock and calendar do not stop.

Paul Tournier, the noted Swiss psychiatrist, talked about the integration between our natural embodied existence and our spiritual existence. He said, "Man does not have two lives, natural and supernatural: He has only one, his real life." It is from within this one, natural-supernatural life, that our growth and maturity happen. It is from within our encounter with time that our souls are formed.

So what can we learn as we circle through the seasons? What can we gain as we reflect on the idea that life is not all one thing, and that each part of life is meant to be entered into and absorbed?

In this series, we want to see time not as a problem to manage, but as the variance of experiences which we all must pass through; experiences that are meant to grow us, mature us, and ultimately form the persons we become.

Series runs May 1-15

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