Grow Seminars are one-off special events, meant to help in key areas of Christian growth, or to extend the conversations which arise out of our Sunday teachings.

Each event features knowledgable presenters from both within our community and from beyond.  But along with the obvious purpose of helping you learn and grow, we think our Grow Seminars also create a healthy, connecting environment.  You just might meet someone new.

Our events require a small registration fee ($10) to help us cover costs.  We think you will appreciate the value of presentation along with the economy of time.

 Wednesday, November 8 (7 to 9 pm)

How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth — of course we know that we should read the Bible.  The truth is that we are inconsistent at best, lost or confused at worst.  So let us help you.  This seminar will combine practical advice along with some old fashioned encouragement: “you can do it!”  For newbies and veterans alike.

 Wednesday, November 22 (7 to 8:30 pm)

Hooked: Technology in the Age of Distraction — in cooperation with our Generational Ministries, we present a seminar for parents and everyone interested in how our contemporary technologies have become our social habits.  What is modern connected life doing to us? and how is it shaping us?   Lets first be informed about what is going on, and then to make wise choices as we move forward.

 Saturday, February 3 (9 to 11:30 am)

The “Ghosts” Seminar — in sync with our Ghosts Upon the Earth series, this seminar focuses on the states of exhaustion that too easily come our way, the states of depletion that we name as “burnoutBy better understanding our habits of thought, our lifestyles, as well as our bodies and personalities, we hope to both name and pray our condition.  Expect to find hope as we consider the Biblical rhythms of rest.

 Wednesday, March 21 (7 to 9 pm)

Israel and the Church — on the one hand we read about Israel every time we open our Bibles.  Israel’s story is the source of our Christian faith, the nation that birthed the saviour.  But on the other hand there is the modern state of Israel,  its surprising reemergence, its wars and troubles and politics.  So what is the continued relationship of the Christian church to the Jewish people? or the modern state of Israel?  What should it be?  How do we navigate this question?

 Wednesday, April 11 (7 to 8:30 pm)

Together: Faith at Home — in cooperation with our Generational Ministries, we present a seminar for parents and everyone interested in what it means to bring Christian faith home from church.  What are the promises and practices of a home-based Christian life?  how can families do this better?  We are not looking for another way to feel guilty, but the clearer vision of what Christian family can be.

 Wednesday, April 18 (7 to 9 pm)

How Do People Change? — its a question human beings have been asking for a long time now: is real, deep-down change actually possible?  or is real change just a pipe dream promoted by people who have something to sell?  Taking seriously Jesus’ famous words about being “born again”, we will explore the possibilities and processes of real inner and outer change.

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