Our Teaching for 2017-2018

We live in a society where details have become more important than foundations. We’ve become so obsessed in finding the marginal gains, that we’ve often forgotten the basics. Here’s some truth: The “hack” that gains us 1% doesn’t help if we’re not doing the other 99%. 


In a parable about builders, in Luke 6:47–49, Jesus taught something contemporary culture is only just beginning to wake up to. If you want to build high and tall, you first build deep and strong. Foundations matter. Or to put it more bluntly, nail the basics. We know that the basics are not always seen to be cool, fun, or Instagram worthy. But we also realize that our foundations set the limits on what we can do.

So this year our teaching, as it’s mapped out in this journal, will encourage us to put new depth into our understanding and application of some deep aspects of our faith. To help us in this, and stay true to our commitment to be a biblical people, we have chosen the New Testament letter of Romans to guide us through our teaching year.

Romans has often been called the “chief part of the New Testament”. Written to people a few millennia and more than a few kilometres from us, it describes so well for us today what it is that God has done and is doing in his world. So we are going to immerse ourselves in this letter as it unpacks the depths of the gospel of Jesus to us, knowing that any time spent with scripture will shape, form, and challenge us. We will, as you’ll see in the following pages, engage with a broad range of themes and scripture, but Romans will be guiding us, forming the spine, as it were, of our teaching year.

Reading Romans is foundational work for our lives as followers of Jesus. This letter has fascinated Christians for many centuries now, so there’s lots that’s been written about it. We’ll point you towards some books and blogs as the year unfolds. However, maybe for now, a good place to start is to read the letter yourself. Why not set aside some time, pick up your favourite Bible, and enjoy some time reading Romans.

Don't forget to download a journal, reflect on our theological creed, and visit our TeachPlus page for further resources relating to our teaching.