One Fifty [3]: Honest Emotions


The Episode | One Fifty [3]: Honest Emotions

The disconnect between how the psalmist thinks things should work and how his life actually turns out produces a crisis of faith. What he thought he knew, what he was so certain of, turned out not to work

- Peter Enns: The Sin of Certainty

Following Jesus doesn’t always seem to follow the simple script that our tradition sometimes leads us to expect. If you’ve ever felt like that then you’re in good company with the writers of the psalms of lament. In this podcast we look at Psalm 73 and how the psalmist navigates his own crisis of faith.

The Series | One Fifty

“We don’t have to please God in any other way than to be brutally honest; that is the root not only to a relationship with God but the root to a great song . . . or any work of art of merit.” — Bono

The Psalms are the prayer book and the song book of the Bible. This collection of ancient poetry, sometimes described as the "gut of the Bible", takes on an authentic journey of the human relationship with God - from the highest highs, to the darkest depths.

It is here, in these poems, songs and prayers that we are dragged into the reality of being human before God. The Psalms in their stark honesty guide us beyond just talking about God by showing us how to talk to God.

One Fifty | July 21 - September 1