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What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual Direction can be understood as the practice of prayerful and wise life accompaniment.  As practiced with Bob, spiritual direction is pastoral in nature, offering conversation that explores, reveals, and leads to more awareness and greater wholeness.  Always, the focus is on a richer experience of God’s grace and presence, which leads to a greater understanding of one’s self and circumstances.

Spiritual Direction is not about “fixing” our lives, but rather about seeing God in all things.  In Spiritual Direction we anchor ourselves to the truth that God is for us, and that we can know his strength and guidance.

What should I expect in a spiritual direction session with Bob?

Bob’s usual practice is to begin each session by invoking the words and presence of God through Scripture and prayer.  We begin there, but you are free to talk about whatever is on your mind.  And as with all conversations, where we begin is not necessarily where we end.  Our dialogue may well become a trialogue in which we realize the Holy Spirit is leading us together.  Bob often searches for the practice one can anchor themselves in for ongoing spiritual growth and maturity.

Is this a one-time thing, or on-going practice?

Spiritual Direction is best considered as an on-going relationship between the director and directee, where a commitment is made to grow in one’s personal relationship to God.  This is a commitment to the “with God” life.

Having said that, one-off sessions are welcome, especially for those who want to talk to Bob about the nature of spiritual direction, or feel the need for a specific conversation.

How much does it cost?  How can I make an appointment?

Bob asks for $60 for a one hour appointment. You can book your appointment by visiting Bob’s website at

Where will we meet?  How long will we meet?

Bob’s office is located in the Westside house (behind the main Westside buildings on the north side).  You can park there and come in the house door.  Appointments are for one hour.

What are Bob’s credentials for this kind of ministry?

Bob has 35 years of ministry experience, as a pastor and teacher, but also as a wise and thoughtful practitioner of the spiritual life.  He has specific training in Spiritual Direction from Creighton University (Omaha, NE).  He is a full member of the Canadian Fellowship of Christian Spiritual Directors.