So Paul stayed in Corinth for a year and a half, teaching them the word of God.
[Acts 18:11]

The church in Corinth occupies a special place in New Testament history, not because it was a sterling example of how to be a community of Jesus, but precisely because it wasn’t.  Corinth was a gifted church — gifted with words and spiritual gifts — but its giftedness lay in tension with its struggles and problems.

This series is about the relationship between the apostle Paul and a rather unruly community who thought they had it all together.  Paul’s letters to Corinth were often corrective, teaching us that truth-in-love, and love-with-truth, are essential keys to healthy community.  The fact that a community like Corinth could draw so much help from a person like Paul speaks more of God’s goodness and kindness then their deserving.  The Corinthians would have pushed Paul away if they could have; but they couldn’t, and weren’t they blessed because of it?

We are more like Corinth than we think.  Dallas Willard once said, “Christians burn grace like a 747 burns fuel on take-off”.  In other words, we live by grace and not our performance, by the faithfulness of God and not our giftedness.  It is God’s goodness that grounds us, not our excellence or image.