Unexpected: The Eye-Opening Life of Paul

Unexpected: The Eye-Opening Life of Paul

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July 29
  [1] When Paul Met Jesus - Robert Osborne
    Unfortunately this teaching was not recorded.

August 5
  [2] Paul the Radical Thinker - David Harvey
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August 12
  [3] Paul and Gospel Conflict - David Harvey
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August 19
  [4] The Prisoner Paul - Kevin Tran
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August 26
[5] Paul and Miracles - Adam Bedford
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September 2
[6] Paul on Trial - Guest Teacher, Phil Aud
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Series Intro:

For the life I now live in the  flesh, I live by trust in the son of God, who loved me by giving himself for me. Galatians 2:20

This journal year our teaching has been guided by Paul’s letter to the church in Rome. Hopefully it’s been illuminating, provocative, forming, and encouraging. But why was Paul writing to them in the first place? Why did he care? Who was he? How did he end up being a follower of Jesus?

To answer these questions we have to dive into the book of Acts for a biography of Paul that’s full of adventure, surprise, risk, peril, and some rather remarkable miraculous moments. However, Paul’s life is more than just an incredible adventure, it’s also a model for us of a grateful life lived in faithful pursuit of Jesus. So we’re going to spend the final few weeks of the summer taking time to consider the man that the biblical scholar F.F. Bruce called “the apostle of the heart set free”.

Series text: The stories of Paul from Acts 9:1–28:30