Present Over Perfect | WKC Women's Weekend 2019

Present Over Perfect | WKC Women's Weekend 2019

Watch all the films from our 2019 Women’s Conference with Jessica DiSabatino and Geri Fitch

So often in life frantic becomes our default mode and perfect our intended aim. What would it look like to be a little more ‘present’ in our lives, a little more content with how things are, a little more certain that God loves us exactly where we are.

Present Over Perfect | May 25 - 25


Jessica DiSabatino is a  communicator in both business environments and the Church. She is theologically deep and yet able to connect with her audiences both through her candid humour and because of the suffering narratives that have shaped her life. Following the death of her younger brother, Jess and her dad founded My Safe Work, a philanthropic initiative to bring justice to workplaces in Canada and around the world. For this groundbreaking work, Jess received the Governor General’s award in 2017, which is the highest honour a Canadian citizen can receive.

In tandem with her foundation work, Jess has pastored in various churches for more than twenty years and currently serves with her husband Dave as lead pastors of Journey Chuch, in Calgary, Alberta. When Jessica is not playing with her husband and four children she is busy resurrecting her 1980s rap career.


Geri Fitch is a marriage therapist and psychologist who attends Westside King’s Church. Since 1998 Geri has been helping individuals, couples and families repair, reclaim, and resolve their internal, interpersonal and circumstantial difficulties to live more harmonious, fulfilling and successful lives.

Geri is also an adjunct professor at Ambrose University Seminary teaching counselling skills, she currently serves Young Life of Canada as chair of the board. As well as giving keynotes and seminars for churches, non-profits (in topics relating to stress management, adolescent depression, ADHD, parenting, self-esteem, marriage, pursuing excellence in sport and cultivating hopefulness), she was also a member of the Canadian National Track and Field team 1979-1985 including the 1984 Olympic team.