From late September through April there will often be something happening on Wednesday nights in our West Hall. 

For details of what is happening on a week-by-week basis, visit the Upcoming Events section of this site.  Some of the Wednesday night programs will be as follows.

Suburban Monastery

Learn the why and how of prayer and spiritual practice.
Reenergize your spiritual practices and prayer life without leaving the city.  This program moves us beyond random and intermittent spirituality by guiding us towards the ways of anchored and purposeful spiritual lives.

May 2/18 - 7:00-8:20pm BE TRANSFORMED WITH A PURPOSE - being human is a journey of becoming; it is a journey into God and toward Christlikeness.


Westside 1-2-3

7 sessions over 3 segments, this is our on-ramp into Christian faith and the Westside community; registration required. 

Westside 1 — understand
We talk about the focus and centre of Christian faith: the life revealed and taught, formed and patterned, implemented and made real by the historical, yet living Jesus.

Westside 2 — embrace
We rehearse some of the basic ways that Christians move from understanding into growth.  We talk about a realistic, holistic, and transformative Christianity.

Westside 3 — belong
We talk about what it means to belong to a spiritual community, how to find your place and gain an identifiable sense of belonging.


Worship is a way of participating in the life of God.  Worship sees something about God — his unconditional love for instance, or his immense greatness — and desires to know those aspects of him experientially.  Worship is “getting in” on God’s overflowing life, becoming immersed in his grace and peace, his joy and goodness. We invite you to join us at our Breathe worship events throughout the year - watch the announcements for dates.  Childcare is provided.

Grow Seminars

Every year we host several one-off teaching nights on special or topical subjects.  Check our calendar for more information.

Christian Calendar Events

We ground ourselves in the rhythms of the Christian story.  As Easter approaches we will gather for our February 14th Ash Wednesday service.  Join us then, everyone’s welcome.