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This Year at westside

Sometimes a song comes along that puts words to something that is deep inside of you but you didn’t quite know how to express. That happened for me when I first heard these lines in Cory Ashbury’s "Reckless Love".

  The overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God,
  It chases me down, fights till I’m found,
  Leaves the ninety-nine.
  I couldn’t earn it,
  I don’t deserve it,
  But still you give yourself away.

Both as a community and as individuals, we know that this year will be filled with surprises. There are always ups, downs, and in-betweens that we can never plan or project, but we know that in all of our stories there are grace-moments waiting to surprise us. Sometimes we like to hold on to those moments, to take and hide them. But they are given to us from God to take, appreciate, and then share with those who may need the same grace. Those moments remind us that God is leading our journey, and inviting us to share it with others.

Just as Jesus shared his journey with people in all kinds of seasons and states, we are called to reflect Christ to the people God has entrusted to us through our unique storylines and connections. Jesus lived a life of reckless love, relentlessly seeking those in mansions and those on the margins. His was a love that left the ninety-nine to chase the one.

And so the challenge for us as a community is to make room on our paths for love. Let’s be prepared for the surprise of Jesus’ grace meeting us where we least expect it. Let’s give ourselves away, not keeping this grace to ourselves. Let’s practice a reckless kind of love. 

Bobby Thirsk Lead Pastor