Westside 1-2-3 oN HOLD

Westside 1-2-3 returns for a second year, with updated material!  If you enjoyed last year, come again for a new learning experience.  Invite a friend!

Think of Westside 1-2-3 as a thread of learning and community that weaves from October to March.  This is for everyone, new to faith and Westside, as well as those who have been around for a bit — you might be surprised what you learn, and who you meet.

•        gain a better understanding of Christian faith, growth and community

•        make a few new connections as we serve dinner and host conversations

•        learn more about Westside: how we talk about faith, and what we aspire to be

Each evening begins with a catered supper at 6:30 sharp.  David will begin teaching at 7:05 pm, with questions and conversation following.  Our evenings finish promptly at 8:30.

You must register for the sessions; registration costs cover the meals.

Westside 1 — understand

We talk about the focus and center of Christian faith: the life revealed and taught, formed and patterned, implemented and made real by the historical, yet living Jesus.  $45 for 3 meals

Westside 2 — embrace (January 17, 24)

We rehearse some of the basic ways that Christians move from understanding into growth.  We talk about a spirituality that is holistic and transformative, challenging but possible. $30 for 2 meals

Westside 3 — belong (February 21, 28)

We talk about what it means to belong to a spiritual community, how to find your place and gain an identifiable sense of belonging. $30 for 2 meals

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