The aim of producing a journal every year is to help you be intentional about your journey of spiritual life and growth.

The 2017 journal is the story of who we are as Westside King's Church - our vision, mission, and values.  It also maps our teaching journey for the entire year.  We aim to always be purposeful and intentional with our teaching, and the journal represents our commitment to this, but it also allows you to be similarly purposeful and intentional by recording your notes, thoughts and questions as you engage with our teaching.

*The digital version of our journal can be used to take notes by opening it in the free Adobe Acrobat app (available for either iOS or Android).

Donate to the Journal Project

Both our digital and print journals are free for everyone.  However, we invite our journal users to offset the journal costs by making a missions donation.  Our suggested donation is $15, but feel free to give as much or little as you wish.  You can donate at a Sunday morning service, or online at via PayPal.

The Three Practices

To journal is to live more mindfully, more aware of God’s movements and promptings in our lives. Journalling is the practice of paying attention: listening, sorting, discerning, and remembering. 

We recommend three simple journalling practices in regards to our Sunday teaching:

The first practice is basic: As you listen to the teaching, note anything that strikes you as important, anything that ought to be remembered and preserved.

The second practice is that of “reverse note-taking”: This is the art of listening to what is taking place in your own soul. Ask yourself, “What is being stirred up in me while I listen to this teaching?” Perhaps you will be reminded of something you once knew but have forgotten, or something you were meant to do but have left unattended.

The third practice is pragmatic: Move your hearing into action pieces. Jot down a Scripture text you want to reflect on, a practice you should consider, a person you might call (or forgive, or help). The Scriptures tell us that we are blessed when we not only hear God’s word, but do it. Finding a way to work the words of God into the fabric of our daily living is actually the way we become disciples of Jesus.

So the journal is our invitation to you to allow our teaching to stretch beyond Sunday and for Scriptures to move off the page and guide your everyday life. You can download a digital copy from this page, or pick up a printed edition during our Sunday Services.